Super Foods That Help You Combat Dandruff

Dandruff removal is something that is often complicated. We try all kinds of methods, and we don’t find the right treatment. Then the nerves begin, which activate their generation even more, and the problem becomes endemic when, in reality, it has very specific treatments. And it is that, among the causes that can increase the probability of appearance and worsening of the problem, stress is fundamental.

What is Dandruff?

Basically, and excluding other problems such as a poor choice of shampoos or lightening habits, dandruff is caused by an increase in dead cells on the skin of the scalp. This increase is derived from a shortening of the life span of the cells, which is normally 28 days. This translates into a necessary, faster and more frequent regeneration of them, causing residues to accumulate in scales that adhere to the scalp.What is Dandruff

What Causes Dandruff?

The leading cause of this process is found in a fungus that is present on the scalp of all people, the Malassezia globose. This fungus feeds on the sebum or fat that we generate and is activated when the production of this is accelerated.

Why Does it Not Affect Everyone the Same?

Although the microorganism in question is the same, it does not have an identical degree of activity in all people, and although we all have dandruff, not all of us generate it to the same degree.

The appearance of dandruff usually coincides with puberty, activating and developing enhanced by the hormonal process that fuels the activity of the fungus. This hormonal process is not identical in all and, therefore, the activity is not identical either. When this hormonal revolution ceases, around the age of 20, dandruff tends to decrease.

Nutrition and Dandruff

Although there is a direct relationship between nutrition and dandruff, a diet will only be effective if it is correctly focused on the whole.

How Does Diet Affect the Development of Dandruff?

If hormonal activity is the triggering and enhancing factor, and this is different in each person, we must consider that metabolism also exerts a significant influence. In this way, the way we metabolize food will decisively influence our propensity to keep it accelerated and, therefore, to disrupt the cell renewal cycle, thus fueling the activity of the fungus.

It is advisable to go to a nutritionist to advise us on a diet focused on slowing down our metabolism. But this may imply not only changes in our diet but others that also affect the acceleration of metabolisms, such as our resting habits or physical activity.

Anti-dandruff Foods

A complete and personally focused nutrition will achieve tangible results on our metabolic activity.

We must bear in mind that many weight loss programs that combine sports with nutrition are based on the acceleration of the metabolism and, in many cases, use specific supplements and supplements for this purpose. There are also beauty treatments that seek, precisely, the most frequent regeneration of cells. Therefore, if you undergo any of these programs, it is very possible that you will notice an increase in the production of dandruff.

Super Foods That Help You Combat Dandruff

In general, these are the foods that help reduce dandruff:

Ginger – Anti-dandruff Food

It is an excellent toning, antibacterial and detoxifying food. It is a food that should not be missing in your fight against dandruff due to its antiseptic properties.



Bananas:- Anti-dandruff Food

They will help your hair to regenerate the nutrients it needs; therefore, it is recommended that you apply a mask with ripe bananas for about 20 minutes.



Chickpeas:- Anti-dandruff Food

Thanks to their vitamin B6 and zinc, they are essential to reduce dandruff. chickpeas

Avocado:- Anti-dandruff Food

This food is a great antioxidant and is rich in fatty acids; therefore, it will help you nourish your hair. Apart from the fact that its consumption would be recommended, apply it directly as a mask on your hair for 30 minutes.



Garlic:- Anti-dandruff Food

It has a high concentration of allicin, which is a natural antifungal compound that helps get rid of dandruff. It can be used in the diet, or it can be applied to the scalp as an amazing dandruff treatment.



Sunflower Seeds:- Anti-dandruff Food

hese seeds are rich in many essential nutrients that support the scalp. They help in the control of sebum production, as they are a great source of zinc and vitamin B6. These seeds increase your metabolism, improve digestion and therefore combat dandruff.

Saffron And Sunflower Seeds Pack

Saffron And Sunflower Seeds Pack

What Do Dandruff Shampoos Do?

Shampoos are a remedy to eliminate dandruff since they are oriented towards a deep cleaning, going beyond that of the hair to focus on the activity of cleaning the scalp and reducing sebum, detaching the scales of dead skin.

Types of Dandruff and Types of Shampoo

Given that each person’s skin has certain characteristics, the dandruff that is going to be generated has the same characteristics. Mainly we are going to face oily dandruff or dry dandruff, and based on this we must choose our type of shampoo. When dandruff is abundant, it can cause itching, which we can solve by choosing a shampoo that incorporates components that relieve them.

In short, maintaining a balanced metabolism and using a suitable shampoo based on the characteristics of each skin and hair, along with a suitable diet, are the keys to an effective balance with respect to dandruff.

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