Scalp Massage At Home- Benefits of scalp massage, Beneficial Base oils

Scalp Massage At Home

Madame Grey’s says that regular scalp massages are very beneficial for hair growth and a stress-free mind. ‘Women store a huge amount of tension in the scalp,’ she explains. ‘Sometimes, when I’m massaging a woman’s head, the scalp is literally immovable – as if it’s glued down – because the scalp muscles are so tense. Which in turn, restricts blood and nutrient flow to follicles.’ What we should aim for, through regular massage, is a scalp which moves easily over the bones of the skull.

Scalp Massage At Home

Scalp Massage At Home

Ideal, she says, you should use borage oil (also known as star flower oil) for the massage; wheat germ oil is also effective. (Both easily wash out again.) ‘But if you prefer you can also massage the scalp without using oil.’

If you’re using oil part the hair in five or six places on the scalp, using a wide-toothed comb. Break open five or six capsules of borax or star flower oil, or drip wheatgerm oil from a dropper, and apply along partings.

Lean forward to boost circulation.

Now bunch up the fingers of each hand and massage the temples, to release tension. Do this for at least a minute and try to feel the day’s tensions ebb away.

Then place the pads of the fingers of each hand on the front of your head, just behind the hairline, placed so that your little fingers are almost touching. Massage in strong, circular movements. You should be moving the scalp, not letting your fingers skim over the surface. Do this for a minute or so.

Move your fingers back an inch or so, and repeat. After a minute, reposition the fingers, another inch back. Keep doing this until you reach the crown, and continue, massaging the back of the head down to the nape. Use all of your fingers and thumbs, applying even pressure.

In all, devote a full 3 to 5 minutes to the head massage. (If it gets uncomfortable to lean forward for all that time, or you have neck problems, you can do the head massage in a sitting position; make a point of keeping your shoulders relaxed.)

You should aim to do the massage three times a week,’ believes Madame Grey, who insists she has seen amazing improvements in hair health among women who pay attention to their scalps in this way.

Plumping up your locks

Léonor’s spécialite de la Maison is helping with thinning hair. ‘You need to feed the scalp,’ insists mme Grey, who tailor makes health-boosting, gloss-restoring hair masks for clients – using ingredients like wheat germ, silk, mimosa, chamomile and borage oil – then prescribes an individual program of products to maximize hair health back home.

Benefits of Scalp Massage

If you follow a routine of massaging your scalp once a week then you can see the following benefits:-

It helps to condition the scalp which helps to prevent flakiness and itchiness of the scalp.

It improves the circulation of blood in the head and neck area. This helps to tighten the muscles of the scalp and increase hair growth.

It helps to strengthen and nourish the roots of the scalp.

Beneficial Oils for Scalp Massage

The use of Base oils or carrier oils is very useful in scalp massage which helps to normalise the function of sebaceous glands.

Coconut oil:-

This oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which is beneficial for dry scalp and dry hair.

Jojoba oil:-

This oil has waxy consistency which is a greasy liquid wax. It can deeply penetrate into the scalp which helps to unblock the pores and provides a healthy environment for the growth of your lovely locks.

Almond oil:-

This oil is great for hair growth

Avocado and Olive oil:-

Both of this oil has excellent nourishing and healing properties which help to improve blood flow and increase hair growth