Onion Oil: Overview, Benefits, DIY Onion Oil, Ways to Use the Oil!

Onion oil is beneficial for topical hair treatments and can help to treat hair loss, hair fall and dandruff. This oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and numerous other compounds which help to treat many hair conditions. The beauty benefits of onions show strong evidence that it makes stronger hair roots, faster hair growth and an overall improved texture and appearance of your hair. If it is used in the form of an oil, its potent remedy can serve as a strong anti-inflammatory agent, antifungal, boost antioxidant level and antibacterial treatment for your scalp and hair. Having said that, here is all the information you need to know about using onion oil in a proper way. The Benefits Of Onion Oil For The Hair In Detail

Here Are The Benefits Of Onion Oil For The Hair In Detail:

i) Activates The Hair Growth Cycle:

Onion oil has the capacity of activating growth enzymes on your scalp, which helps in optimising the hair growth cycle. As a result faster hair growth and inhibiting hair fall which makes hair look healthier.

ii)  Keeps Splits Ends And Hair Breakage At Bay:

As Onion oil is rich in sulfur, which can do wonders to prevent breakage, thinning and split-ends. This occurs due to the fact that sulfur helps to strengthen bonds in your hair that are required for improving the quality of strands.

iii) Delays Greying Of Hair:

Antioxidants present in onion oil can prevent free radical damage in your hair, which helps to delay premature greying of your Mane

iv) Helps To Maintain Ph Levels Of The Scalp:

 Onion oil helps with maintaining the exact pH levels of your scalp, which is the key to healthy, nourished and balanced scalp.

v) Fights Against Bacterial Infections:

Regular usage of onion oil on the scalp could prevent bacterial infections and also helps to keep dandruff and itchiness at bay.Activates The Hair Growth Cycle - Fights Against Bacterial Infections

vi) Substitute It As A Natural Conditioner:

If you use a conditioner prior to washing hair, which ensures that your shampoo does not strip the natural moisture of your scalp. This is where onion oil comes to the rescue as a natural conditioner.

vii) Improves Texture Of Your Hair:

Regular usage of onion oil  gives your tresses smooth, shiny moisturised and frizz-free appearance.

Process To Extract Onion Oil At Home

If you are more into DIY and do not wish to use store-bought onion oil, then start by picking a couple of fresh onions.

Process To Extract Onion Oil At Home

  • the number of onions depends on how much oil you wish to make. Finely chop the onions and add ground them in a grinder or juice maker.
  • Keep this juice/paste aside to prepare the oil.
  • Now take some coconut oil in a non-stick pan and heat it on low flame.
  • Then Add the onion juice/paste to the hot coconut oil and mix well for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Take it off the flame and let it cool down for sometime.
  • After cooling the mixture With the help of a strainer, extract the your home made onion oil.
  • Use a non-metallic container to store the oil. The shelf life of this home made onion oil is up to 6 months.

Exact Ways To Use Onion Oil For The Hair

Onion can be used in the raw for and in the form of a hot oil treatment.

Exact Ways To Use Onion Oil For The Hair

  • No heat use: To use onion oil without heating. Take a couple of drops of pure onion oil in your palms and massage yit for 15-20 minutes on your scalp. Also keep in mind to be gentle with the pressure and always use a circular motion to really get the oil into the roots. Now leave this wonderful remedy on for 3-4 hours and wash with a mild shampoo. Use atleast twice a week for best results.
  • Use of heated oil: If you are interested in using a hot oil treatment, then blend onion oil with a carrier oil (like almond or olive). Now heat it up to a lukewarm temperature and massage for good 30 minutes on the scalp and hair lengths. Let it stay overnight and wash with a mild, sulphate-free shampoo next morning. For best results follow up with a conditioner; you repeat this steps before every hair wash for luscious, thick hair.