Make Hair Packs with Karela Juice for Hair Care

Bitter Guard is also known as Karela, scientific name is momordica charantia. Tropical regions of Asian countries, Africa and South Africa people cultivate the Karela. Small size Karela is available in India. Though the birth place of the Karela is India, It conceded to china. It has lot of advantages. You can make juice with Karela. Though it taste bitter, it is beneficial for healthy, skin, and hair. High content proteins present in karela make the hair stronger. Karela is the best natural home remedy for your hair. Now you can make hair packs with Karela juice for hair care.

Karela Juice for Hair Care

Karela Juice for Hair Care

For darkening of hair:

  • Coconut oil
  • Chopped karela
  • Oil

Take chopped Karela and blend it with a few spoons of oil. Retain it to be for four days. If you find mixture marinated, boil at low temperature and wait until it becomes cool. Now mix the coconut oil to this mixture. Apply the mixture over the hair daily for better results.  This hair pack is an excellent for darkening of hair and restoring pigment.

For Hair loss:
Take some Karela leaves and wash it. Crush the leaves and make an extract juice. Apply the mixture on entire scalp and allow it to be for fifteen minutes.  Rinse off your hair now. Follow up this procedure three times in a week for good results. This pack helps to prevent the hair loss.

Make Hair Packs with Karela juice for Hair Care

Make Hair Packs with Karela juice for Hair Care

For dandruff:

  • Cumin seeds
  • Karela juice

Make powder from cumin seeds by grinding.  Take two tablespoons of Cumin seeds powder and mix it with Kareal juice. Blend them well and make a pack. Rinse off you hair with this mixture. This pack helps to remove the Dandruff issues. Prevention is better than cure. So consume quality food for your hair care.

For dry scalp:
Use a fresh Karela to this process. Massage on the scalp in a circular motion for some time. Rinse off the hair with plain water. Don’t rub hardly, massage gently.

For scalp pimples:
Due to lack of hygienic conditions and excess sweat, scalp pimples are formed.

  • Cucumber paste
  • Karela juice

Take one tbsp. of cucumber paste and mix it with two tbsp. of Karela juice. Blend them well and make a mixture. Apply it on affected region and relax for fifteen minutes. This pack gives soothing effect.

For rough hair:
Apply Karela paste on the hair and retain it to be for thirty minutes. For softy and smooth hair, use this method.
For grey hair:
Apply a fresh Karela juice on hair for thirty minutes. This pack helps to reduce the premature grey hair.
For shiny hair:
Take yogurt and mix it with Karela juice. Apply the juice on hair and allow it to be for thirty minutes. Then wash your hair. This pack will give natural shine to the hair. For better results, make this process for twice in a month.

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