Grow Healthy Hair Faster with Hibiscus

Everyone is facing the problem of hair loss today. To overcome this problem, you must provide proper nutrition for hair. It’s not so difficult to growing long, healthy and beautiful hair. Let’s make your hair long and healthy with our simple guidelines.

Soap nuts:

Take a little coconut oil and gently massage on the scalp. With the help of natural soap nuts juice, do your head shower after one hour. Following this at least two times a week will reduce your hair fall to some extent.
Colourful, huge and trumpet-shaped flowers are the production of hibiscus. The scientific name of the flower is ‘Hibiscus rosa-sinensis,’ which is used in the preparation of hair care and as a pH indicator. Why we are talking about the hibiscus? Because it has number of hair care benefits. It plays an important role in protecting hair loss. So grow healthy hair with this edible flower.

Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts

A few tips with hibiscus:-
Heat a little coconut oil and add a hibiscus flower in it. Once perfectly cooled apply it on the hair. Get in the shower after half an hour. You will notice a glossy and thick hair following this method regularly.

A Few Tips With Hibiscus

A Few Tips With Hibiscus

For dryness and lifeless hair:

Take 6 hibiscus flowers make it a pulp. Add it with aloe vera pulp and mix them well. Now apply it on the scalp and relax for half an hour. Take a head shower. This tip helps you to reduce the dryness of the hair and makes healthier.

For those who travel most:

Take one glass of water and mix it with two tbsp of tea powder. Boil them in a normal flame. Blend one tbsp of hibiscus powder while boiling. Turn off the flame and let it cool. Now spread it on the head. It is useful as a good conditioner for hair.

Treats brittle hair:

  • One cup of sour yogurt is to be mixed with two tbsp of hibiscus powder and mix well. Apply it over the head. This remedy treats your brittle hair and makes bright.
  • The growth of the hair required nutrition and proteins so that keep strong nutritional substances like milk, fruit juices in the diet everyday. The reason for hair fall is health disorders. Although follow all the above tips your mind is not clear, there is no use.
  • Hair is to be healthy from the inside out, don’t panic for unnecessary tensions and always keeping mind calm then follow these small tips to make your own healthy hair.


  • As the plant ages this edible flower turns darker.
  • The national flower of Malaysia is Hibiscus.

Hibiscus for hair:

  • It stimulates blood circulation in order to help hair growth.
  • It reduces split ends.
  • To toxin eradication, it works as a mild cleanser.
  • It gives a great hair colour to maintain natural hair especially with henna.

Make all the above remedies with dirt-free leaves and flowers only. Dried hibiscus powder can be used to make a pure paste.

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