Best Remedies to Treat Sunburned Scalp & Hairline

Best Remedies to Treat Sunburned Scalp & Hairline

If you are exposed to too much sunlight, just like your skin, it tends to burn your scalp. Redness, itching, small, tenderness, pain, and fluid-filled blisters are common symptoms of a sunburned scalp caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, which can damage your scalp and hairline. But some natural remedies can quickly reverse sunburned scalp damage.  Best Remedies to Treat Sunburned Scalp & Hairline

Remedies for Sunburned Scalp 

Remedies for Sunburned Scalp

#1. Treat With Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is rich in many phytochemicals with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect treatment for the entire body including the scalp and hairline. Apply the Vera gel on the affected areas before going to bed, leave it overnight and the next morning wash it off with a mild shampoo or lukewarm water. It helps in reducing the infection, soothes the scalp. It can also remove dead cells from the scalp and helps in maintaining the scalp pH.  Treat With Aloe Vera Gel - Remedies for Sunburned Scalp

#2. Scalp Moisturising

Nourishing and moisturizing the sunburned scalp promotes relaxation and healing of the scalp. Moisturize with essential oils like lavender and rosemary can also soothe wounds of the sunburned scalp and restore the barrier function of the scalp. Scalp Moisturising - Remedies for Sunburned Scalp

#3. Apply Anti-inflammatory (Hydrocortisone) Cream

Applying an over-the-counter (OTC) hydrocortisone cream can work as an effective remedy for a sunburn scalp and hairline. Applying this cream once a day to the affected area of the scalp provides relief from itching, burning, and can also reduce the swelling of the scalp. But Hydrocortisone should not be used for more than 5 days without a doctor’s advice. 

#4. Increase Your Water Intake

 Hydrating is essential for sunburned scalp and hairline remedies as the skin heals from the inside out. Because your entire body becomes dehydrated during your scalp burn. Hence, you will begin to increase your water intake keep your body as well as scalp and hairline hydrate. Drink at least eight glasses of water and electrolytes a day will help moisturize your skin and entire body. Increase Your Water Intake

#5. Use Cold Compresses

 Cold compresses may help to soothe sunburned scalp pain. You can use ice packs or cool compresses to absorb heat and provide instant cooling to the scalp. But keep in mind that ice packs or cool compresses never be applied for more than 15 minutes at a time.

What to Avoid

What to Avoid

  • Try to avoid any heat-styling tools like hot rollers, curling irons, blow dryers and straightener while your scalp is healing because it may cause more harm to your hair and healing scalp.
  • Avoid using sulphated shampoos, as they can dry out the scalp and hairline and cause more irritation.
  • Using a conditioner with dimethicone can also create more damage to your scalp.
  • If you have already burned, avoid strong sunlight for some days, staying in a cool shade can help you recover faster.

How to Protect your Scalp from Sunburn

  • Whenever you step out of the house, don’t forget to wear a sun-protective/wide-brimmed hat to keep your scalp shaded from strong sunlight or UV rays. 
  • A typical sunscreen application does not provide complete protection but Heliocare supplements are very effective in preventing sunburn in those areas of the scalp.
  • Using hair & scalp sunscreens lotion with SPF may prevent your hair and scalp from the sun.
  • A head covering stole or scarf can also help to protect your head- a stylish straw topper may best prevent your scalp burn and hair damage.

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