Best Foods for Healthy Hair

Most of the people today experiences hair loss problem which is very common but irritating. If you want to avoid the issue, you need to follow proper diet. Human body requires nutritional food which keeps not only your body health but also keeps your hair healthy. So in keeping your hair healthy, there are few nutrients that play a significant role. There following are nutrition foods for healthy hair that are essential and should be included in your everyday meal.

Foods for Healthy Hair

Foods for Healthy Hair

Proteins and minerals are rich sources in almonds which gives your hair healthy and to keep your hair thick. The deficiency of zinc is one of the problems to hair loss.

Protein, vitamin B-12 and biotin are rich sources in eggs that play important role in hair strengthening.

There are many fishes available in the market such as tuna, salmon and seelavathi etc. These fishes contain Omega-3 fatty acids that helps to keep your scalp healthy smooth.

To carry oxygen to the cells in the body and hair follicles, iron is essential for red blood cells. Iron is rich source in meat which is absorbed by the body.

Foods for Healthy Hair

Foods for Healthy Hair

Dark leafy greens:
Dark leafy greens would produce oils that stop moisture in the scalp. There are various dark leafy greens available in the market including spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard and romaine lettuce etc.

Multiple nutrients are essential for the healthy hair. These are rich sources in yogurt which provides protein and calcium. Six-ounce cup of non-fat yogurt is preferable is required for a day.

Whole-Grain cereals:
Folic acid is rich source in whole-grain cereals that plays a vital role in prevention of hair loss. Keep in mind that whatever you buy cereals that should include folic acid.

Citrus Fruits:
Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which helps to produce collage that keeps hair follicles strong. In keeping hair follicles strong, citrus fruits play a very important role.

Beans and Legumes:
Beans and legumes contain iron, protein and biotin that are good for hair growth. Beans and legumes include green and yellow peas, lespedeza, lentils, and Mexican black bean etc.

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