Bad Haircare Habits- Tips to Break Them This Summer

Bad Haircare Habits

Summer can be extremely difficult if you have your hair to attend to. We often end up making terrible mistakes or cultivating bad hair care habits in summer. We often feel to wash our hair due to soaring temperatures. Some of the bad hair care habits in summer also include over washing, setting out with wet hair, or swimming with dry hair.

Bad Haircare Habits

Bad Haircare Habits

However just like your body needs to stay cool during summers, your hair must be handled with care too. We bring to you the top bad haircare habits to avoid this summer.

1. Over-washing your hair

Summer season invites a lot of sweat and dirt accumulation on your body as well as hair. It is very tempting to take frequent hair showers to stay cool. However, washing your hair too frequently in summers is not doing your hair any favor. Over-washing your hair can strip away the necessary oils and sebum required to keep the hair strong and shiny. Try adopting a hair routine to wash your hair 2-3 times a week during summers. You can instead wipe your hair with a wet towel or use dry shampoo to keep your hair clean between the washes.

2. Heat styling

May sound surprising, but many of us heat style our hair to look perfect in summer. Avoid flat ironing or blow drying your hair too often and accept your hair’s natural texture. If you want to control frizz, you can use hair creams to give a silky and shiny look. You can also wear hair extensions if you prefer to save the moisture in your hair.

3. Swimming with dry hair

During summers, swimming can be extremely relaxing to cool your body and mind. However before jumping in, you must prepare your hair with moisture. The chlorine present in swimming pools or the salt present in the sea can over dry your hair. It strips the moisture from hair and can also affect color treated hair. If you dive into the water with dry hair, the strands tend to absorb the chlorine and salt there by making it dry and lifeless. A simple trick to avoid this is wet your hair with normal water or apply hair masks and hair oils before heading out for a swim.

4. Treating wet hair badly

When your hair is wet, it is most delicate and should be handled with care. So, avoid vigorously trying to dry your hair using a towel or brush or heat style it. By doing this, you are not only creating more frizz to your hair, but also damaging the hair strands. You can change this habit by detangling with a wide-tooth comb and gently blotting excess moisture from the hair using a velvet or satin cloth.

Treating wet hair badly

Treating wet hair badly

5. Tying it up too much

Aren’t you just waiting to tie up your hair this summer? Tied hairstyles are usually very comfortable especially during summer. However, tying your hair too tightly all the time can create a tension on the scalp resulting in traction alopecia. This can also lead to hair loss. You can break this habit by trying different hairstyles and alternate between tying your hair and leaving it loose.


Habits are difficult to break, but a conscious effort to change them will go a long way in saving the health of your hair. Breaking these bad hair care habits form long term solutions to improving your hair texture and health from within. So, remember, if you are having a bad hair day, it may be so because of your bad hair care habits.


Yaamini Radhakrishnan
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