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Stunning makeup gives perfect look to match your style. Prom Makeup is the best option to get stunning looks. Prom makeup gives splendid looks of your eyes and face. Whether, you get crown or not, surely you will become promo queen if you apply pretty prom makeup.
Colouring your eyes and lips, eye lids with appropriate colours would enhance the glow and suit perfectly to your face. When you go to a party at night various eye shadows and eye lid make up would make your face to glitter.

Pretty Prom Makeup

Pretty Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup main concept is to bring glow and glamour in a person. Every part of our body is meant to apply some makeup. However, there are special makeup products would be available for every part. Here we provide more ideas for Prom Makeup which may give you astonishing looks.

Fresh Face

Before applying prom makeup it is advised to rinse your face thoroughly. Face wash is the first step which you need to follow every time.

Colouring Eyes

Applying various colours to your eyes brings you the best appearance when you go to a pretty party. It would discriminate you from others.

Colouring Eyes

Colouring Eyes

Sea Mist Eye Shadow

Sea Mist Eye Shadow is the one of the best choices in colouring eyes. Apply the sea mist shade gently and lightly to the lower part of the eye. In prom makeup bringing brown eyes is the basic option in order to get marvelous look to your face.

Pixie Dust

Use Pixie Dust shade to inner corner of the eye. According to your preference you can choose your choice eye shadow shades like Fiji, Shimmermint, Appletini, Poison Ivy, Ditry Martini, Envy etc to glow your eye part.

Eye Lid

If eye lid appears to be attractive total eye part would look gorgeous. So, eye lid also be the best part to take care while applying prom makeup. Eye lid also makes your eye part to glitter and apparently differentiate you with others.
Apply grey shades like Stealth, Graphite, Corrupt, Utopia, Demi Wisples etc to add additional attraction to your face.

Lip Sticks

Another important part in the face for prom makeup is lip makeup. When you go out, unequivocally, everyone’s eye would be on your lips. If we choose perfect lip stick colours, then only we may seem with better looks. When you go to a party at night, applying a proper lip stick is mandatory.

Lip Sticks

Lip Sticks

According to your face and lips choose the best lip stick which would suit you. If you have smoky eyes, better to apply red coloured lipsticks. If you apply heavy makeup, it is advised to apply shades like pink and light coloured lip sticks.

Makeup Clutch Palette

Maintaining prom clutch palette is the most important to everyone who would like to have prom makeup frequently. It gives you a clear idea on applying prom makeup. You can follow a hierarchy in applying prom makeup if you have a prom clutch.
A Prom Clutch should contain eye shadows, blushes, lip colours and other special and seasonal products which would make you perfect.

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