Post-Facial Care: What To Do And What To Avoid

Post-Facial Care

Do you know after a facial, you have to take some special care for skin. Whether you get it done at home or in the parlour, you should not forget to do some things post-facial. Perhaps you do not know that your small mistake can spoil your glow.

Post-Facial Care

Post-Facial Care

What To Do Post A Facial

Keep your Skin Hydrated:

Proper hydration will help to maximize the benefits of your facial. Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards. Staying hydrated can prevent dehydration, remove toxins easily, and make you with a healthy, glowing complexion.

Use A Clean Towel, Change Pillow Cover:

Post a facial, the pores of your skin are open, dirt or bacteria can easily slide your face and block it, that causes inflammation and freckles. So use a clean and washed towel after facial and change your pillow cover as well.

Follow Your Esthetician’s Guidance:

Following your Esthetician advice to enhance a skincare routine which is best suited to your specific skin type, needs, and skincare goals. Their advice can do wonders for maintaining your skin health.

What Not to Do immediately post a Facial


After getting facial, the pores of the skin open. Makeup should not be done immediately after facials, in such a situation, the chemical present in it can affect your skin health, so stay away from makeup for at least 72 hours after getting facial.

Stay away from steam and Sun contacts:

Do not stay in the sun for long. Avoid direct exposure to sun rays immediately after getting facials else it reacts to the face. One should not take any kind of steaming like a sauna or spa this can cause skin cells to break down. Remember your skin become sensitive post your facial so use mild cleansing to remove unwanted grease and dirt.

Stay away from steam and Sun contacts

Stay away from steam and Sun contacts

Don’t wash your face or Scrub:

Do not wash your face immediately after facial. You can wash it after 4 to 5 hours post-facial and scrub do not use at all. Let your skin absorb the benefits of the products used in facials. If you feel dry then use a moisturizer on the face and if your face is oily then you can spray cold water on the face.

Avoid Excessive Sweating:

Excessive sweating immediately after facials can cause fresh skin to deteriorate. So you should not do things like workouts, dance, travelling crowed place that make you sweat more. Try to give the skin a little time so that it returns to the normal condition. Only then can you resume your workout session.

Skip Waxing And Threading:

One should never get waxing or threading on the face post your facials. Because after the facials, the skin becomes soft, after which waxing can cause the skin to peel.

Skip Waxing And Threading

Skip Waxing And Threading

Moreover, after a facial skin becomes sensitive, steam opened up pore of your skin, may chance to react to any harsh products it touches. Dirt and bacteria to accumulate within the deeper layers of your skin. So one should skip doing these things for a few hours post your facial.

Facials are a great way of getting rid of unwanted dirt and bacteria. However, taking precautionary measures after your monthly facial routine is equally important to maintain good skin health. 

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