Best Methods to Colour your Lips

Lip care is very important. Depending on the season need to be care for our lips. Not only care but also colour varies for the lips. Now we are doing to discuss about the best methods to colour your lips, which are care for your lips.

Methods to Colour your Lips

Methods to Colour your Lips

Lip Liner:
Lip liner is the best method to apply the lipstick properly. It will care for your lipstick longer time on you lips. If you prefer to apply the lipstick to your lips frequently, buy the lighter shade liner and follow up with the pencil.
Lighter shades:
Choose the lighter shades if you’re lips are smaller because these will assist you to lose the concentration on over the lips. Try with different colours and more tones with the lighter shades on your cheeks and eyes.

Methods to Colour your Lips

Methods to Colour your Lips

A classical red matte lipstick:
When you’re going to the evening party, apply divine read with a classical red matte lipstick that will make your lips brighter with the association of the teeth excel. Now take some loose powder with a tissue, touch up the lips. Then you will get the absolute fine look.

Simple exercise:
Take a smooth brush and smoothly rub it on over the lips, before going to sleep. Follow up this small exercise for your lips to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin present on the lips. You can use your tooth brush for this easy process but keep in mind that bristles will apply on the lips smoothly.

Try new colours:
Take some colors and mix one with another. Apply these mixed colors for your beautiful lips to make more stunning. Apply a few new cadres of glasses like shimmer, light violets and pluck glosses over the lips to overcome the way of flaunting.

For yellow colour teeth:
Somebody has yellow colour tooth for their tooth match up, they can be choose red shades like violets, pink, and wines especially in the monsoon season these will mostly recommended.

Old lipstick remade:
If your lipstick is not working due to it is old one, not in proper use you can remake the lipstick if you want to use it again. Keep the lipstick top base at candle flame. Then it will melt and ready to use.

Lip stain:
You don’t like to apply the lipstick and don’t want to show your lips brightly, want to show your lips elegant and simple, you can apply lip balm with your finger tips then follow up with a tissue. This process will remain the lips beautiful and stained.

Beetroot juice:
Make beetroot juice and apply the juice on over the lips and cheeks. This process will help your lips fresh and clean.

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