Best Homemade Remedies for Natural Sparkling

Dryness of the skin, brittle hair….all these are winter troubling issues. Changing temperatures show a negative impact on the skin and hair recently. With proper treatment, you can solve these issues at home easily. Here we are providing some remedies for natural sparkling. Let’s see them.

Aloe Vera for Hair treatment:

Rupture and dry hair quickly are mainly caused by the loss of moisture in the air, shampoo and pollution, which occurs naturally. Due to these, the hair looks dull. Thus, make a paste with Aloe Vera leaves. After the shower with shampoo, apply this mixture on entire hair. Wash off with water after 15-20 minutes. Aloe Vera juice helps to provide enough condition to the hair. This gives you soft and glossy hair.

Aloe Vera for Hair treatment

Aloe Vera for Hair treatment

For cracked nails:

Many girls would like to shape their nails good and long. But some people will not have as much nail growth. Moreover, slightly increased nails are quickly broken. The reason for this… deficiency of calcium, iron. So, highest levels of calcium and Iron substances should be added in your diet.
Dosage of calcium is high in milk and dairy products. Iron is more in fresh greens, sesame, groundnut and Jaggery…etc. In addition to the diet, an equal mix of lemon juice and glycerin to be applied on the nail by massaging before bedtime every day. If you doing this on a regular basis in this way, your nail growth will be good. It will not quickly break. Get pretty much nails by making frequent manicures at home.

Potato treatment:
The form of black at the neck, black knees, and darkened elbows are not decreased quickly. In this case…take one tbsp of potato peel and mix it with same quantity of honey. Now apply it on the affected area. Clean up after Extinguished. If you doing like this for one month, you will notice a decrease in black.

Olive Oil & Tea Bag for Sparkling Bright Eyes:

There are much less easiest and handy remedies are available to use. One of them is tea bag remedy which aids to cut down bacteria and inflammation. Bioflavonoinds are rich in both green tea and black tea. Make chilled tea bags by using a freezer. Apply olive oil around the eyes before placing them on the eyes. Allow it to be for ten minutes and rinse off your face. Let it dry and moisturize as usual.

Olive Oil & Tea Bag for Sparkling Bright Eyes

Olive Oil & Tea Bag for Sparkling Bright Eyes

Orange Peel for sparkling white teeth:

Cut down yellow tinge on your teeth by cleaning teeth with a fresh orange peel. Take an orange peel and rub over the teeth with it. It has to be done before bedtime. Orange peel contains vitamin C and calcium which fight the microorganisms’ entire night. For effective results, you have to do this for a few weeks. Dried orange peel powder can also be used to solve the issue.

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