Benefits Of Using Jade Crystal Roller Or Massager, How To Use The Jade Roller On Your Face

How To Use The Jade Roller On Your Face

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider using a jade roller. Jade Roller is an Chinese crystal beauty device designed to massage the face and neck. The Jade crystal roller promotes micro-circulation to relaxes facial muscles and making your skin appear brighter and firmer. It also minimizes puffiness, reduces fine lines by encouraging lymphatic drainage and giving you healthy glowing skin!

How To Use The Jade Roller On Your Face

How To Use The Jade Roller On Your Face

Benefits Of Using Face Roller Or Jade Roller

 Jade rollers may indirectly deliver benefit skin well being. Massaging your face with a crystal roller gives you numerous benefits related to the skin.

Benefits Of Using Face Roller Or Jade Roller

Benefits Of Using Face Roller Or Jade Roller

It is a natural and quick way to reduces stress and improves blood circulation in the face, which brightens the complexion and reduce fine lines.

Rolling helps reduce dark circle, wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes, and tone your skin.

If you keep your roller in the fridge and do a face massage, and glide all over your face and neck give more bright and luminous skin. 

The roller helps to detoxify your skin, remove the access oil from the face and give your face a healthy and lifted appearance

Uses of jade rollers also form part of a soothing, offering skin tightening, calming inflammation and improve your mood.

This roller can also help skin absorbs serum and creams and improves elasticity & toning of the skin.

Ways To Use Jade Roller On Face

 The Jade crystal roller designed with two different size ends. The large roller uses for the jaw, cheeks, forehead and the small roller uses for around the mouth, nose and eye area.

Ways To Use Jade Roller On Face

Ways To Use Jade Roller On Face

  • Start from the neck to jaw line in an upward roll 5-10 times. Roll this area in medium pressure.
  • For chick and jaw line- place the large end of the jade roller on your chin, apply the roller from the chick towards your ear using gentle pressure. With light hands gentle pressing on the roller, roll both sides of the face from the jaw to the ear five times.
  • Similarly, place the roller in the middle of your forehead, massage thoroughly on the top and bottom of the forehead and nose. Repeat in the same motion five times then, roll opposite side of your forehead.
  • Using the small end for the inner eye, apply gentle pressure and roll from the inner eye to the outer corner ten times and switch to the other side. Use it on every bone of your face.

You Need To Follow Some Steps Before Getting Started

 Store your jade crystal roller in the fridge overnight before use. This cool jade roller may help alleviate puffiness, soothe and calm your skin.

  • Clean your face before using the jade roller or include general cleansing to clean the skin.
  • Apply a serum or moisturiser on your face and neck just before the jade roller massage, as this will allow smooth movement of the tool and help absorb the product better in your skin.
  • Clean your roller after every use to avoid irritating your skin or causing acne.
  • Be sure to choose jade roller in non-porous material, like jade, quartz, or amethyst.

Add Jade roller massage in the morning and the night skincare routine, which will make your cheeks look pink in a natural way.

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