Amazing Benefits of Cabbage for Skin and Health

Cabbage vegetable is one of the most nutritional vegetables that is a powerful ingredients. It belongs
to brassica family. It has many healing and therapeutic benefits. It contains various kinds of vitamins.
If you want beautiful glowing skin and a powerful immune system, you need to know the benefits of
cabbage for skin and health.

 Benefits of cabbage for skin and health

Benefits of cabbage for skin and health

Healthy Benefits:

Folic acid is an important nutrient, which is is present in cabbage helps to builds the new blood cells
and cures the anemia problem.
Eye care:
Vitamin A and beta carotene are rich sources in cabbage that helps to fosters the good eye sight.
Due to having anti-inflammatory properties and essential amino acids, cabbage combats against with
the skin inflammation.
Treats colon problems:
Chlorine and sulphur present in cabbage helps to teat the inflammation of colon and it works as the
cleaning of bowl.
Weight loss:
Low calorie food consumption is important for everyone. It aids to decrease the body weight. It teats
the intestine upper area and get rid of waste materials, which are present in the intestine.
Vitamin U:
Vitamin U is rich source in cabbage helps to strengthen the stomach inner layer and fights ulcer
formations in the stomach.

Beauty Benefits:

Cabbage contain antioxidants, which combats with the radical molecules in order to to reduce the
premature aging.
Relief from dryness:
Make cabbage juice basis on your requirement for homemade face packs. Now apply the juice over the
face. This method helps to decrease the wrinkles and gives relief from dryness of your skin.

Beauty Benefits:Relief from dryness:

Beauty Benefits:Relief from dryness

Prevents from skin disorders:
Cabbage contain vitamin C, antioxidants, and phytochemicals fights the free radicals in order to
prevents from skin disorders including zits, black heads, acne scars and rashes.
For skin completion:
Vitamin A and Vitamin E are rich sources in cabbage rejuvenates the skin tissues and detoxifies the
body. And this method aids to increase the sin completion in order to make smooth and supple.
For hair care:
You can use cabbage for internal and external purposes. It promotes your hair growth and stops the
hair fall. It gives stronger and thicker hair and strengthen the hair roots.

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