Amazing Beauty Benefits of Olive oil for Skin care, Hair care

Olive oil is one of the most effective natural products which derived from the crop of the olive tree. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean basin. Everyone knows the amazing beauty benefits of olive oil for skin care, hair care in the world. Health benefits of olive oil range from boosting better digestion, stimulating metabolism to lubricating mucous walls and also as olive oil is full of vitamins, minerals and also proteins, it can also be used to maintain skin, nails, and hair healthy and delightful.

These health benefits are very effective, wonderful and safe. The olive oil offers clear skin tone to the people who are using the oil perfectly.

Beauty benefits of Olive oil for Skin care, Hair care

Beauty benefits of Olive oil for Skin care, Hair care

As skin moisturizer:

  • Lemon juice
  • Olive oil

Mix both ingredients well and make fine mixture. Apply the mixture on your skin and retain it to be for a night. This method helps to the skin greasy and refreshed. The olive oil has a penetration effect so it can easily penetrate into the body deeply and leaving the skin nourished. You can apply this day time or night time.

Beauty benefits of Olive oil for Skin Moisturizer

Beauty benefits of Olive oil for Skin Moisturizer

As a skin exfoliator:

  • Sea salt
  • Olive oil

Take sea salt and blend it with olive oil and apply the solution on the skin. For dead and dry skin, fresh and rejuvenated skin, you should use this method. You can use olive oil with lavender oil for bathing secrets. The method moisturizes body, soothes skin, and treats dry and scaly sin.

For nail and cuticle care:
You need to take care of your nails and cuticles because they always exposed to harsh environmental effects. Apply the olive oil to the nails and cuticles directly. No need to do deep massage. You just rub the oil on nails and cuticles. This method allows the nails and cuticles moisture. This is the perfect solution for cuticles and dry nails.

As an eye makeup remover:
Many are maintaining the eye makeup to show their eye beauty. But they don’t know how to remove the eye makeup. They are using several harmful chemicals to remove the eye makeup. That’s the bad thing. You just gently remove the eye makeup with one drop of olive oil. It will remove your make gently without any issue. If you want to remove your wrinkles around your eyes, this method will really help you and keeps your skin smooth.

Hair care:
Mix water with olive oil and apply it on hair after shampoo. Wait for five minutes and wash your hair with water. It works as a deep conditioner and dandruff controller. It smoothen your traces and gives additional bounce to the hair.

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