Home Remedies to Stop Your Periods Sooner than Usual

How to Stop Your Periods Sooner than Usual

Every fertile woman of reproductive age bleeds every month. It’s a natural process of menstruation and is accompanied with issues such pain in lower abdomen, bloating of the stomach, pain in thighs and back, mood swings, nausea and other symptoms that makes a female uncomfortable. In general, a woman bleeds for 3-7 days. The duration of period depends on the health status, diet, lifestyle and other factors.

How to Stop Your Periods Sooner than Usual

How to Stop Your Periods Sooner than Usual

There, may be days when you have significant occasion or have to attend some important event and you may want your periods and its discomforting symptoms to end soon. Is it possible? Yes, with a few natural home remedies you may make your periods to end quickly without any side effects.

Home Remedies to Stop your Periods Soon

Heat application-

Most effective home remedy for any issue related to periods is the application of heat. This can also make your periods to end soon along with other uncomfortable symptoms. Application of heat on abdomen makes the menstrual fluid to leave the body faster. It also relaxes the contracted uterine muscles and eases cramps.

Heat application

Heat application

Place a heating pad or a hot water bottle on the lower abdomen for 10 minutes. Repeat this a few time in a day. Alternatively, you may also soak a towel in hot water. Wring it to remove the excess of water and place it on the abdomen until it cools down. Make sure the towel is not too hot to burn your skin. Hot showers are also found useful in easing pain and discomfort of period along with making periods to end soon.

Ginger Water-

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger lowers the production of prostaglandins and shortens the menstrual cycle.
Crush a few pieces of ginger and steep it in a cup of steaming water for 10 minutes. Strain the solution and add a teaspoon of honey. Drink ginger tea 2-3 time in a day.


Exercising during the periods stimulates the blood circulation, relaxes uterine muscles and stops the flow of periods. It also reduces period pain. Try a brisk walk, jogging or cycling for 30 minutes during periods.



Foods rich in vitamin C-

Vitamin C reduces the level of progesterone. It promotes the breakage of the uterine lining and shortens the menstrual cycle. Increase foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Food sources rich in vitamin C are citrus fruits, green vegetables, sprouts, broccoli etc.

Raspberry tea-

Raspberry has astringent properties, and it is an excellent home remedy to stop periods soon. It stimulates the contraction of the uterus and improves menstrual flow. Also, raspberry tea is rich in minerals and vitamins and is suitable for female health.

Raspberry tea

Raspberry tea

Boil a handful of raspberry leaves in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Cool it and strain the concoction. Drink this tea 2-3 on the very first day of your periods.

Lavender and Sage oil Massage-

Massage is a familiar old way to make your periods end fast. Massage relaxes the uterine muscles and diverts blood from the uterus. Also, it eases the crams, bleating and other period-related discomforts.
Add a few drops of lavender oil to 2-3 teaspoon of sage oil and massage gently your lower abdomen and pelvic region lightly with it. Make sure the oil is absorbed into the skin. Repeat this 2-3 times in a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar-

Apple cider vinegar reduce the blood flow and flushes out the toxins out of the body. Add two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it three times in a day. If you find the taste of apple cider vinegar disagreeable, add 1-2 tablespoon of honey to it.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Along with the home, remedies make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of waters.
For a women periods, days are the worst days of the month. There is bleeding, cramps and other discomforts. Home remedies to end your periods soon will shorten the duration of your bleeding by making the period fluid to leave your body fast and also eases menstrual aches. The above home remedies do not have any side effects and the best thing all the ingredients are always present in your kitchen.

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